Weekend Plans, Feb Break, and Whaleback Details

Wow! Let it Snow!  With the past couple snow falls the skiing should be AWESOME this weekend and into February break as well.  After a couple weekends of gate training we are going to go back to working on skiing fundamentals of balance and stance, which means we will be ripping it up in the woods, steeps, jumps and bumps this weekend.  Woohoo.

For break we will have training Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 9am -1 pm.  Current plan is to be at the Skiway Monday and Tuesday with a good possibility of a Big Mt Day at Jay Peak on Wednesday with the U12 and U14 teams.  More details on this to come.  While we be very light on coaches over break we have great snow conditions so I am happy that we will be able to provide a couple days of fun guided free skiing.

Looking ahead to next weekend Whaleback Mountain Club will be hosting its’ annual Master of the Mountain Event on Saturday February 25th at Whaleback.  As in the past – this event will include one GS run and one slopestyle run. Online registration for the event is open.  They have asked that all athletes be registered by Wednesday 2/23.  To register please go to:  www.whalebackcoreteam.com – on the right hand side of the screen you will see a red button that says MOM-2017 – just click on that.  Cost is $25 per athlete.



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1 Response to Weekend Plans, Feb Break, and Whaleback Details

  1. Michael Holmes says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for making this coming week outstanding. Man, it must be great to be one of my kids!


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