Weekend Plans

Hi All, looking pretty snowy out there!  As many of you know the Dartmouth winter carnival is this weekend with the GS on Friday and the SL on Thomas Saturday.  Lodge and parking lot will be crowded so plan ahead.  We will be at the Skiway both days and plan to free ski in the fresh snow on Saturday and watch some of the SL race as these are the top collegiate racers in North America and its pretty cool to be able to get up close and watch them ski.  On Sunday we are going to start working on our own SL skiing with a stubby course and a dual panel SL.

Speaking of SL races coach Bob found a stubby SL at Pico VT on Feb 26th (1 foot high SL gates in case you were wondering).  This is the day after the Whaleback masters of the Mountain event which I hope all U10’s will attend.  Since the Pico race is in VT it is out of our NHARA division and we need permission from race organizers to attend.  Currently we are scheduled for a total of five race starts which is right where we should be a the U10 level but if your child is a 2nd year U10 and is just dying to go to another SL race please let me know and we can try to get them in.

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